Monday, June 4, 2007

"Midnight Mood"
I mentioned in an earlier post about finding someone with a good music notation program to re-enter the transcription of "Midnight Mood" from the "Alone" album done by Art Tofanelli in my former print publication, "Letter From Evans." It's a great transcription and has not been published anywhere else. Art did not have a music notation program at the time so he altered a CAD application which he used in his day job for music. The music is quite readable but would look a whole lot better in standard notation. The first page can be viewed here. send me an email if you are interested in doing the work for the Bill Evans cause. The only remuneration I can offer is your name as a music preparationist on the music itself as well as the tremendous satisfaction of doing something worthwhile for the Bill Evans community.


  1. Win,
    Nice to see your blog.
    I would be happy to contribute to updating the transcription but I have no idea how to get in touch.

    I will leave my email and risk spammers.
    It would be nice to see the old LFE archives.

    I live in England and use Finale as a notation system.

    Al Campbell
    ( Bill Evans fan and piano player)
    England {}

  2. This transcription has not 14-th page, that is very important to finishly play this tune right.
    Does anybody have this missed page?
    I'm searching for it everywhere.

  3. Hello Win and All,

    Has the Tofanelli transcription of "Midnight Mood" been set yet using modern notation software? I would be happy to do this in Sibelius if it has not been done yet.

    Also, as another reader pointed out, there is one missing page to the transcription. Where can I find the missing page?