Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Toots Thielemans and Kenny Werner: "Time Remembered" and "Very Early"

I recently was turned-on to this very fine performance of two of Bill's tunes by Laurie Verchomin. The Toots Thielemans Quartet performed "Time Remembered" and "Very Early" at a concert probably in Germany in the 90's. The mood and stillness of the band relays the tunes to the audience in perfect respect for Bill.

I'm usually not too keen on performances that include some sort of electronic keyboard but Kenny Werner, pictured here is the epitome of good taste and the electronic sounds work here very well.

The music is presented simply, not stretching-out the solos which I would liked to have heard. However, the short versions seem to evoke the spirit that Bill's playing cannot be improved on.

Click here to enjoy.

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  1. Hello Win,
    I attended this concert, it was in The Netherlands. Gorgeous.
    Toots Thielemans - harmonica, Kenny Werner - piano, Scott Colley - bass and Antonio Sanchez drums. North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands 2009