Friday, April 6, 2007

Been working on 2 tunes that Bill played and recorded, "Midnight Mood" and "Spartacus Love Theme." Spartacus seems to haunt my dreams each night lately, especially the Conversations (Verve) recording where Bill overdubs himself in three distinct tracks. Trying to decide just how much of Alex North's original score Bill absorbed and mutated into that performance. Trying to assemble a lead sheet of Bill's way of playing it.

The Joe Zawinul tune, "Midnight Mood" and the "Alone" (also Verve) performance has been transcribed by Art Tofanelli in the old newsletter "Letter From Evans" very accurately but with a crude music notation system that Art devised himself from a CAD application. Need to find someone who has the time and patience to enter it into a modern music notation program. Sometimes I still confuse Bill's recording of this tune with that of "Up With the Lark" a similar waltz.

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