Friday, April 6, 2007


Well, after over 15 years without a website, I have finally gotten around to making a Bill Evans blog. If you are a Bill Evans fan be sure to add this blog to your favorite links in your browser and/or receive the latest postings by signing up with "Atom Feed" by clicking the "post (Atom) " link on this page. If you haven't already, check out The Bill Evans Jazz Resource , the site I started in 1989 but have not updated since 1992. It has a lot of basic (and old) Bill Evans information. You can also order a CD-ROM of pdf files of the original paper publication I published then, "LETTER FROM EVANS" which contains several transcriptions of Bill Evans performances and articles written by other contributing Bill Evans freaks such as Jack Riley, Brian Hennessey, and Jan Stevens, as well as interviews with those who have an "Affinity" for Bill Evans, by sending me an email. "LETTER FROM EVANS" and it's electronic child CD-ROM continues to be a labor of love, not profit. If you have trouble affording the duplication and postage cost please email me about it.

Also, please visit Jan's excellent web site, The Bill Evans Web Pages at for the latest that Jan is doing with our mutual musical guru.

From time-to-time I'll be adding my current Bill Evans infatuation, be it a particular recording, transcription, or other item and share it here.


  1. Thanks Win for again sharing your knowledge and love for Bill Evans
    electronically. You have a vast body of Evans' musical output and Evans fans throughout the world will benefit from what you share.

  2. Win, wonderful that you are again sharing your vast knowledge of the music and life of Bill Evans through the internet. Evans fans throughout the world will benefit from your contributions via this medium.

    Ron Nethercutt
    Angeles City, Philippines