Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pianist Dave Peck

I first became aware of pianist Dave Peck some 15 years ago. His music making has a magic, understated quality reminiscent of Bill's early playing. That magic has continued to grow over the years and recently I had the privilege to hear him play again. Two cuts from his new CD release, "All of You" and "How Deep Is The Ocean," as well as a short interview with veteran jazz broadcaster Jim Wilke are available from NPR station KPLU in Tacoma WA. Please do you ears the favor of listening to Dave's trio with Jeff Johnson on Bass and Joe LaBarbera on drums. The altered space that Dave plays at the start of "All Of You" as well as the great trades between the pianist and Joe LaBarbera in "How Deep . . ." will be a pleasant experience for your ears and soul. I really look forward to hearing the rest of the CD. I also hope that this trio can have the opportunity to play together as often as possible - they are capable of some very serious music and I welcome it. If you cannot find Dave's recordings in your local music store go to www.davepeckmusic.com. Your ears will thank you.

Also check out KPLU FM jazz streams. Living in an area with no real jazz programming I constantly search the web for high quality streaming jazz. Two stations really stand out as programing quality music and good fidelity,WGBH FM in Boston (where I'm moving to) and KPLU FM in Tacoma WA. WGBO FM in Newark NJ plays some great music but unfortunately the bad quality of their stream makes it unsustainable.

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