Friday, December 14, 2007

Tony Bennett, "The Music Never Ends"

"He played like an ocean in a storm," says Tony Bennett about Bill Evans in this 2007 retrospective about Tony's career on the PBS TV show, "American Masters, The Music Never Ends." When this show airs on your local PBS station make sure to have your Tivo, DVR, DVD recorder, computer, or VCR in the record mode as you will be treated to segments of Bill and Tony's appearance on the Johnny Carson Tonight Show as well as some notable footage of this country's greatest singing artist.

If you don't have the two Tony Bennett/Bill Evans collaborations you need to get them. The most memorable track to me is Tony singing Bill's "The Two Lonely People." Of all Bill's tunes this one is the perfect torch song with fantastic lyrics that beg to be sung. Also the tune, "The Bad And The Beautiful" makes a rare appearance and is sung very well here by Tony. Both CDs are available from Amazon and the usual sources.

Tony is always gracious and respectful to the Great American Songbook as this show pays homage to all of those who have gone down his path, from Jimmy Durante to the "chairman," Frank Sinatra. The production is directed by Bruce Ricker who at one time, produced the largest catalog of jazz videos available under his Rhapsody Films label. Clint Eastwood acts as sort of an anchor and probably paid the tab for this production. Tony needs no prompting in talking about his career and paying homage to the greats of his art form. In many ways the art of singing great songs is sort of dying and I hope this production will be the spark that prods others to continue along this road less traveled.

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  1. Dear Win,
    Thanks for the nice words. The Tony Bennett:Music Never Ends is on DVD and available from the website along with new expanded DVD release of BENNY CARTER: SYMPHONY IN RIFFS.

    Best wishes,
    Bruce Ricker
    Director/TB doc.